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Emotional Intelligence Students of the 6 weeks

Emotional Intelligence
1st 6 weeks
Managing one’s internal states, impulses and resources.
This category includes self-control, trustworthiness, conscientiousness, adaptability and innovation.
2nd 6 weeks
Knowing one’s internal states, preferences, resources and intuitions. Self-awareness competencies include emotional awareness, accurate self-assessment and self-confidence.
3rd 6 weeks
Awareness of others’ feelings, needs and concerns.
Empathy competencies include understanding others, developing others, a service orientation, leveraging diversity and political awareness.
4th 6 weeks
Emotional tendencies that guide or facilitate reaching goals.
Motivation competencies include achievement drive, commitment, initiative and optimism.
5th 6 weeks
Social Skills:
Adeptness at inducing desirable responses in others.
This category includes influence, communication, conflict management, leadership, change catalyst, building bonds, collaboration and cooperation, and team capabilities.
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